Air Compressors in Durham

If you are looking to repair or purchase an air compressor in the Durham region, look no further. L & D Shop Solutions LLC is the region's most trusted team of air compressor system repair experts. We will inspect and troubleshoot until we come up with actionable and affordable solutions for all of your air compressor woes—and that's a promise

Alongside our repair and maintenance services comes our extensive array of affordable air compressor systems. We are licensed dealers of Ingersoll Rand systems. Let us show you the products and services we have in store. Call (919) 275-9811 to schedule a consultation with our team.

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Your Air Compressor Experts

Air compressors have all sorts of applications. Builders and handypersons rely on them day in, day out. This is why you need to source your compressor from a trusted dealer. Professionals like us only put our seal of approval on the finest pneumatic air compressors available today.

We are every sensible customer's one-stop shop for all their air compressor needs. We will order new parts, we will order in special Ingersoll Rand products, repair your compressor, and more.

Let Us Repair Your Compressors

Is your air compressor failing to generate the power you need? There might be an electrical issue—or even an air leak.

Problems like these vary in their severity. Sometimes, all it takes to repair an oil leak is a simple patch-job. When you want results that last, though, you need to work with us. Our air compressor repairs stand the test of time.

Look to us when your pneumatic air compressor suffers from:

  • Motor problems
  • Piston issues
  • Faulty crankcases
  • Oil leaks
  • Pressure issues
  • And more

Ask the Compressor Experts

Would you like to learn more about our rotary screw compressors? Are you wondering if the reciprocating piston compressors are up for your industrial or commercial construction activities? Call us. We are here to answer all our client's questions.

Licensed Ingersoll Rand Compressor Dealers

Any professional will tell you that quality matters when it comes to your air compressor. While these pieces of machinery may serve simple functions, their inner workings are anything but simplistic. Outfitted with motors, pressure gauges, hoses, pistons, and more, compressors are as complex as anything you might find in an auto garage.

Thankfully, we carry the finest and most affordable commercial and industrial air compressors available today. Browse our Ingersoll Rand air compressors when you want to take your work up a notch. You will not regret the decision.

Let's Talk About Air Compressors

When the time comes to acquire a compressed air system for your workshop or private business, we hope you think of us. When you purchase your equipment through our shop, you never have to wonder who to call when you need your compressor serviced in the future. We sell, service, replace, and everything in between. Consider us your go-to source for all things air compressor-related. You won't regret it.

Call (919) 275-9811 to inquire about our products and services.